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What kind of delivery?

Zoom goes anywhere.

With Zoom, everywhere delivers! We can pick up fries at McDonalds  and drop them off to your house, or get twenty bento boxes from Ra Sushi right to the office. In fact, we'll deliver to any location, and most times under an hour! You can even call us and get a suggestion on some of the best food in the valley!


We'll go to any store!

Zoomers can get anything you want, whether it's a fresh avocado, a two-for-one deal on soap, or even something you've never tried before! Any store with grocery items qualifies for this category, so don't forget stores like Wal-Mart and AJ's Fine Foods!


Need something specific, like a lightbulb or package delivery? We'll transport almost anything! We'll get supplies to your employees so they don't have to leave a job site, pick up a prom dress from the tailor, or drop off paperwork at City Hall. Say goodbye to errands with the click of a button. 

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